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Healing with Advanced Crystal and
Usui Reiki Master

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About Karma Minds Healing

Thedora is committed to sharing, her gift with you and helping you on your journey, of self care, love and healing.

Through Reiki and Crystal Healing, she will guide, you on how to consciously, and sub consciously change your life, through thoughts, words and actions.

Love and Light.


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What I Do

Healing with universal life force energy – REIKI

Arises from the Japanese word REI [Universe]

Combine with KI [Life]

REIKI is an energy healing technique

That heals by balancing, the body’s energy centers

And removing blockages, which can cause illness

Within the body.

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Thedora, your session with me was absolutely amazing! I haven’t felt so clear-minded and positive for as long as I can remember. You really know how to remove negative energy and make somebody feel brand new! Thank you so much! – Nick Pasquinelli

If you want to evolve mentally and spiritually under the guidance of an intuitive professional, you’ll love speaking to Thedora. The sanctuary setting and wide range of healing nourishes your mind, body and spirit. Highly recommended, and looking forward to exploring more Reiki sessions and crystal healings. – Suzette, Florida

Lately, with the pregnancy, the hormones, with everything going on…I had felt myself slipping into a depression. I have known Thedora for almost a year and this is my second time seeing her. When I went in, I was so tense, she laid me on the table, and removed all negative energy from me. As soon as I got up I felt light, like a weight had been lifted off of me. I highly recommend you go and see this beautiful lady. Let her remove any negativity off you. – Gift Hillman

Thedora is very professional and best Reiki. I got a distance healing and now I feel wonderful mind, body and spirituality. I feel like weight has been lifted off of me. It was a great experience and very relaxing. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs healing mind, body and spirituality. – Carmen Nazaro, NY